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Burn Tucker Lachaîne is a bilingual personal injury firm serving Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. We have a strong team of lawyers who have the experience needed to get your file settled and, if it can’t be settled fairly, to see it through trial.
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Lawyers in the Firm:
Colleen Burn
Laurie Tucker
Éliane Lachaîne
Dani Grandmaître
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We believe in the importance of customer service. Your questions will be answered quickly and compassionately. We are here to ensure that you receive the compensation and benefits you deserve. We offer free no-obligation consultations and contingency fee arrangements where there is no cost to you until your claim reaches a successful conclusion. Our offices are conveniently located with free onsite parking. If you cannot get out to us, we will come to you – at your home, the hospital or wherever is convenient for you.

Burn Tucker Lachaîne serves the following Ontario Communities:

Arnprior Cornwall Hawkesbury Lanark County Ottawa Pembroke Petawawa Renfrew Rockland

Five years ago I needed a lawyer and was in search of one, on this very faithfully day I located Burn Tucker Lachaîne on google. I immediately called booked an appointment with Colleen Burns, from that appointment on till the end she was amazing. She is very professional, she knows what she is doing. She take her time and most importantly she was not only my lawyer she was a friend. Anytime I emailed her she will respond and get me all the answers I needed.

I remember in mediation I almost settled for nothing. Because I was just tired and frustrated with the process and all. But let me tell you, Colleen been the best lawyer hands down explain to me what I didn’t understand and assured me to trust her she will fight for me, and that I deserve better. I listen and I can boldly say she was right. She kept her word, she worked overtime, she worked tirelessly for the best outcome.

Her assistant what can I say, so much. She is so professional, she can answer my questions just as if its Colleen am talking too. When am at my lowest they were there for me. I am forever grateful. My case may be over but I know I found friends for life. I would recommend Burn Tucker Lachaîne to anyone, any day, anytime. All you need is patience and faith for the best outcome and I promise you that’s what you will get at the end.

Colleen, Deborah, Nicole and the rest of the team thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You all are amazing, I will miss you all but better believe that I will be checking in with you all from time to time because after fighting for me the way you did, I can’t and will never forget that. I truly appreciate you all so so much.

5 Google Review of Burn Tucker Lachaîne P.C. by Marilyn Adjoa on 2021-07-08T02:18:00-04:00

The services of Laurie Tucker et al were pursued following a tragic car accident that took the life of one of our beloved family members. The individual responsible for the accident was found responsible in the Ontario Judicial System. The family then sued this party & their insurance company in civil proceedings – thus the services of Laurie Tucker.

As one can imagine, these were very difficult circumstances for a 'grieving family' so the initial deliberations were difficult. But, as we proceeded Laurie with her calm & re-assuring nature helped us all settle into the legal process. As we moved through the deliberations Laurie was always very receptive to our needs & her approach & clarity in explaining the legal possibilities helped us very much to understand what options were available & what success could be expected for the available options. Her & her staff were the front line in dealings with the insurance representatives who are in the business of reducing expenditures & not necessarily very polite in their approach & words. She was able to transmit our concerns & change the way they dealt with us for which the family was very thankful.

Throughout the whole process we found Laurie to be very professional & constant in her approach with our family. She simplified & clearly explained to us what we could do & how it should be done. The resulting financial settlement was done without having to resort to a face to face court process which made it easier for us. The financial settlement was within the expected norms for this type of cause & we were ultimately fully satisfied with the result, notwithstanding that our loss was not what we obviously would have preferred i.e. to not have been there in the first place.

On this basis we fully recommend Laurie Tucker to anyone who needs to pursue a similar type of case. She is a solid & respectful person & we found her more than fully able in the fulfillment of her responsibilities for which we engaged her & her company.

We thank her & her staff & wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

The G. Family - June 2021"

5 Testimonial for Burn Tucker Lachaîne P.C. by Marc Seguin on 2021-06-18T06:45:06-04:00

Laurie Tucker is an excellent lawyer and I feel very lucky that she took on my case. She always kept my best interests in mind and gave me excellent counsel.

5 Google Review of Burn Tucker Lachaîne P.C. by Eniko Laszlo-Joanis on 2021-04-21T20:29:25-04:00

I’ve heard great things about this firm and I am so glad I had gone to see them and take care of my case. They honestly are a team filled with brilliant, caring, and get the job done right for you! The whole firm were very professional and quite pleasant. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone and I have already recommended to friends of mine that are needing a good lawyer to represent and take care of their case. I’m so happy I went with this firm and trusted them as they did a wonderful job and happy with the outcome.

A very special thank you to Dani Grandmaitre for all her hard work and dedication. She is definitely a lawyer who you want, Dani was the one who handled my case and was really professional, very smart and compassionate! Thank you again Dani for everything, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Thank you again Burn Tucker Lachaîne.



5 Google Review of Burn Tucker Lachaîne P.C. by Suzy K on 2020-11-23T08:02:58-05:00

I had the pleasure of working with Laurie Tucker for a couple of years and have had nothing but polite, professional and just overall good experiences with her and the staff. She was very understanding about my situation and did everything possible to assure we had the best outcome. Very highly recommended!

5 Google Review of Burn Tucker Lachaîne P.C. by Felishia Gallai on 2020-11-19T10:19:47-05:00

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