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$5.25 Million Verdict - Pedestrian hit by Car
An elderly pedestrian in excess of 70 years old was standing on a sidewalk with his wife when he was struck by a car. The car had been rear ended by a truck that was following too closely. Our client suffered a catastrophic brain injury and required 24-hour attendant care. The case proceeded to trial so that our client could access the insurance policies of both vehicles. Notwithstanding that the truck was following too closely, we were able to convince a jury that the driver of the car was 20% at fault for making a last second decision to turn right, without any prior warning.

From Kathleen Laird (Car Accident Case and CPP Disability Case)
I was not really sure about enlisting a legal representative but your office reassured me. After listening fully that I truly had a case you were always up front with me and that was greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you have done for me.

$11 Million Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accident resulting in Catastrophic injuries
Two children were passengers in a car and suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of a head on collision. Both children suffered spinal cord injuries. Shortly before trial, the insurers and their lawyers of the various defendants settled for over $11,000,000 - one of the largest settlements in Canadian history at the time.

From Anonymous (Car Accident Case & Claim for No-Fault Benefits)
Your lawyers were extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, professional and understanding. They listened and worked diligently on my cases. Everything was clearly explained to me and they took the time to ensure I understood everything.

From Susan Washington (Car Accident, Including Canada Pension Plan Disability and LTD benefits)
The concern and dedication of my team was amazing! Your legal assistant always made me feel confident in calling and asking for explanations about anything. I can't explain how helpful, encouraging and patient she was and continues to be.

From Lydia of Kitchener, Ontario
You were totally awesome at both my CPP and Accident Tribunals. You let me know what would happen at both tribunals before they started and that made me feel more at ease. Even though I was very nervous both times, you assured me things would work out and it made me feel more at ease.

From Carolyn of Elmira, Ontario
Since settling my lawsuit for the slip and fall accident in February, I don't think I have ever thanked you for all your hard work involved in this case. It was tricky pinning down who was eventually responsible for the icy parking lot but you persevered and won. This compensation was a God-send as it allowed us to pay off the debts that accumulated over the four years that I had to be on disability compensation. As well as being able to replace our aging car. I realize that you were just doing your job but you did it superbly and we are very grateful for all the effort (which must have been very frustrating at times) and the dilligence that you showed.

From Susan of Cambridge, Ontario
I would like to thank all of you for the great work you did in representing my case. Promptness, courteousness and a great deal of patience and understanding came from all of you. You are a good team and great players, the follow-up by each and every one of you kept me well informed of my situation. I would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavours and keep up the good work.

$2.9 Million Settlement - Pedestrian hit by Car
A pedestrian was struck by a car as she stepped out on the road to get around another car that was blocking the sidewalk she was on. Both the insurers of the car that struck her and the car that was blocking the sidewalk contributed to the settlement.

From Steve of Ingersoll, Ontario
Thanks so much for representing me at the CPP hearing in London in May and for explaining everything to me, being confident in me and my case and helping me through a difficult time. I'll always be grateful for all your work in helping me through this tough time, you gave me hope when for a while that's all I had. Keep going with that perfect record in London.

From Barb Hyttenrauch (Trip and Fall Accident)
Everything turned out exactly as it was explained to me at the outset. I knew what to expect and everything went smoothly.

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