Roger R. Foisy Injury Law

The Roger R. Foisy Injury Law firm successfully settles more than 95% of client cases before trial. With no more than 50 to 75 cases at any one time, Roger and his team can dedicate a very personal level of attention to each and every client in their care and maximize clients’ personal injury settlements.
Main Office:
2000 Argentia Road
Plaza 4, Suite 295
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1W1
Toll-Free: 1‑877‑286‑0050
Tel: 905‑286‑0050
Fax: 905-286-4381
Lawyers in the Firm:
Roger R. Foisy
Harpreet Sidhu
Manjot S. Heer

Roger R. Foisy Injury Law serves the following Ontario Communities:

Mississauga Clarkson Cooksville Malton Port Credit Streetsville

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