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Personal Injury Lawyers Help Niagara Falls Residents obtain Income Replacement

The residents of Niagara Falls are no strangers to personal injury. Fierce winter weather frequently creates precarious conditions that contribute to the number of motor vehicle or slip and fall accidents each year. These accidents often lead to injury and, in the most unfortunate cases, lifelong disability. The Injury Lawyers of Ontario (ILO) operate in Niagara Falls to provide courteous, effective assistance to accident victims and their families. In addition to injuries related to hazardous weather, the attorneys at ILO handle a wide range of personal injury claims with compassion, respect and professionalism.

Personal injury can manifest as physical or psychological harm, and its reach can extend beyond the injured party, to their friends and family members. A fluke incident can have lifelong consequences that inhibit an injured person’s ability to work and provide for themselves or their loved ones, and even to carry out normal day-to-day activities.  For many, some form of income replacement is necessary to address basic needs and also to allow victims to return to a state of psychological normalcy.

A 50-year-old Niagara Falls resident, for example, reported facing difficulty finding employment due to a childhood brain injury.  The man had been struck by a car at the age of 10 and as a result, he sustained damage to the brain that altered his existing memory, as well as his capacity to remember new information.  The man observed that, even 40 years later, employers are cautious to hire someone with a known brain injury. He also experienced a lack of faith in his abilities when he takes longer to learn new skills than his non-injured colleagues. This Niagara Falls resident is far from a rare case, as the Ontario Brain Injury Association reports over half a million people in Ontario are currently living with brain injuries and an additional 18,000 brain injuries occur yearly. While some employers make efforts to hire people with disabilities, persistent stigmas add to the challenge of finding work for those with brain or other life altering injuries.

The lawyers at ILO understand the complications and stress brought on by dealing with insurance companies and the legal obstacles when seeking compensation or income replacement. In hiring a personal injury lawyer, an injured party has the peace of mind knowing that their claim is being expertly and efficiently managed without having to shoulder the burden of responsibility themselves. We at ILO are committed to helping our clients return to normal life as quickly as possible; to us, injured persons are family, not statistics.

If you have suffered a personal injury and are seeking compensation, we urge you to fill out our confidential online form or contact us in Niagara Falls by phone. In addition to motor vehicle accident and slip, trip and fall claims, we help victims of product liability, animal bites, recreational accidents and benefits disputes with insurance companies. Our committed, compassionate legal team are happy to assist you in pursuing the benefits you deserve.

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