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Oshawa passenger suffers catastrophic injuries in car accident

Injuries can happen to anyone and are, in some cases, unavoidable.  Slips and falls on a slick or uneven surface, or being struck by a vehicle, whether as a pedestrian, bicyclist or another passenger, are accidents in which unsuspecting people are most commonly hurt.  It is very easy to get caught up in our daily routines and overlook minor decisions that may impact us for the rest of our lives, particularly with regards to safe habits.

Traffic laws and media reports of tragic accidents remind us on a daily basis of the importance of defensive driving practices.  From costly tickets for speeding or texting while driving, to the frequent reminders of the effects of distracted or impaired driving, scarcely a day goes by for Oshawa residents without an avoidable accident and the attendant personal injuries.

Typically, as passengers, our sole decision with regards to safe driving practices is to put on our seatbelt.  However, we commonly attempt to make ourselves as comfortable as possible while still adhering to the seatbelt law, particularly for longer trips.  For a young Oshawa woman, the decision to readjust her seating in August 2010 changed her life forever.

The accident victim was the passenger in a vehicle driven by her boyfriend, while en route to her Oshawa home via Highway 402.  In an attempt to get more comfortable, she partially reclined her seat, placed her feet on the dashboard and fell asleep.  Here are the events that followed.

  • There was a motor vehicle accident involving a car and a motorcycle along the highway.  (The motorcyclist succumbed to his injuries and died).
  • A transport truck driver slammed on his brakes in an attempt to stop quickly when he encountered the collision.
  • The boyfriend was surprised by the sudden stop of the transport truck and unsuccessful in his attempt to avoid colliding with the truck.  The young woman was asleep with her feet on the dashboard when the accident occurred.
  • At impact, the airbags deployed at about three hundred and twenty kilometers per hour, propelling her legs into her face with tremendous force. 

The young woman’s injuries were extensive.  She suffered a brain injury that bled into her skull.  Her nose, left eye socket and cheekbone were broken.  She also suffered a dislocated jaw and both her feet were broken.  Her hearing and left pupil were damaged and her memory became unreliable. The victim’s behaviour and demeanor changed significantly and according to her mother, she went from being an independent, goal oriented twenty-two year old to a mentally challenged thirteen year old with anger issues.  Her boyfriend was never charged in connection with the accident.

Similar accidents happen all too frequently throughout Oshawa and the greater Toronto area.  At the Oshawa Injury Lawyers of Ontario (ILO) law office, we represent people who have been hurt in motor vehicle accidents or other events causing personal injury.  Accidents that result in severe and permanent injury impact entire families, not only the victims.  Monetary compensation will not undo a victim’s suffering, but fair compensation relieves families from the burden of lost income, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and other expenses resulting from the change in their living circumstances due to injury.  The ILO law group uses their vast expertise in personal injury claims to make their clients’ lives easier.  Call us today for a free initial consultation and let our experienced team help you get the compensation you deserve.

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