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Plaintiff awarded Damages for Chronic Pain following Rear-end Collision A driver began to suffer from chronic pain after being rear-ended in a seemingly minor car accident. An Ontario Court awarded her $100,000 in general damages for pain and suffering as well as over $143,500 in future health care costs. Apr 08, 2022
Don’t give your Car Insurance Company a Reason to deny your Accident Claim Your car insurance policy needs to reflect accurate and current information. If it does not, your insurance company may have grounds to deny your accident compensation. Mar 04, 2022
Determining Fault in a Left-turn Car Accident The onus is on drivers making a left turn, to ensure that they can complete the turn safely. Understand your obligations in a left-turn situation, as set out by Ontario traffic law. Jan 12, 2022
What happens when Debris from another Vehicle causes Injury or Damage Debris or tires falling off another vehicle on Ontario highways and roads often results in near-accidents or serious injury to other motorists. Passengers on an Alberta school bus narrowly escaped serious injury when logs fell off a logging truck and crashed through the windows of the bus. Dec 01, 2021
A Back or Spinal Injury caused by a Car Accident can be Life-changing Car accidents commonly cause back and spinal injuries that can have serious, long-term consequences. Injury compensation is generally based on the severity of injury and degree of loss for the accident victim. Sep 02, 2021
Who can I sue in a Construction Zone Road Accident? Motor vehicle accidents in road construction zones are often caused by inattentive drivers or excessive speed, but sometimes accidents result when construction companies or municipalities fail in their obligation to keep road users safe. Jul 01, 2021
What you need to know about Rental Car Insurance and Liability You can save money and protect yourself from liability by understanding your best option for obtaining rental car insurance coverage, including the terms and limitations of non-owned vehicle insurance coverage. Apr 03, 2021
Insurer is ordered to pay cost of Claimant's Catastrophic Impairment Assessment The Ontario Tribunal ruled that the claimant’s insurer is obligated to pay the $21,513.35 for a catastrophic impairment assessment, despite the fact that the claimant already received the maximum benefits available for her injuries, based on a non-catastrophic impairment. Mar 01, 2021
Who’s at Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Collision? Ontario’s Fault Determination Rules define who’s responsible in multi-vehicle accidents. Only in very rare cases is the first vehicle driver in a rear-end collision found at fault, but learn how these rules are applied to other cars involved. Feb 04, 2021
Driving without Insurance is Risky and Why you may be Uninsured and not Know it There are serious penalties if a driver is convicted of driving without insurance, and sometimes drivers are unaware that they are uninsured. Jan 02, 2021
Personal Information that a Plaintiff must reveal in their Lawsuit Plaintiffs and defendants in a personal injury lawsuit are legally obligated to produce documents and personal information that are relevant to the issues being decided Oct 28, 2020
Distracted Driving is the leading cause of Injury for Ontario motorists Distracted driving is a serious issue in Ontario and the majority of preventable car accident injuries and deaths involve some form of driver distraction. Sep 06, 2020
What Seniors need to know when Renewing their Ontario Driver’s Licence Learn about the steps for renewing your driver’s licence if you’re 80 or older, and what circumstances can result in losing your licence. Aug 18, 2020
Passenger may be solely Liable for Car Accident Injuries when he grabbed the Steering Wheel After an injured woman sought damages arising from a car accident, an Ontario Court ruled that only the passenger in the ‘at fault’ vehicle, and not the driver, may be named as a defendant in the lawsuit. The Court found that the passenger effectively took control of the vehicle away from the driver when he grabbed the steering wheel during an argument and caused the crash. Aug 01, 2020
Toronto Pedestrian sustains Catastrophic Injuries after being hit by a Car A Scarborough man who was struck by an impaired driver while crossing Danforth Rd. suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, internal injuries and multiple broken bones. Pedestrians are expecially vulnerable to these types of injuries, and their injuries often have a permanent and significant impact on their quality of life. And, disturbingly, pedestrian accidents are all-too-common on Toronto streets. Jul 01, 2020
Drinking Establishment and Driver share liability when Passenger sustains Catastrophic Brain Injury After an evening of drinking at a Pelham bar, three young men were involved in a serious crash that caused a catastrophic brain injury to one of the passengers. In a lawsuit brought by the accident victim and his family, the judge found the drinking establishment negligent and liable for failing in their duty of care to customers. Mar 02, 2020
When Facebook Posts must be produced as Evidence in Personal Injury Lawsuits Plaintiffs claiming damages on the basis that their injuries caused a reduced enjoyment in life are often compelled to produce their private Facebook posts in personal injury litigation. Jan 03, 2020
Compensating Family Members after a Wrongful Death Family members are entitled to sue a negligent party who caused the death of their loved one, to compensate them for economic and non-economic losses, such as the loss of care, guidance and companionship. Dec 02, 2019
Judge orders Trial to determine Liability for Multi-Car Collision that causes Chronic Pain The drivers of three vehicles involved in a multi-car collision presented different versions of the accident during a summary judgement motion to decide fault, and one of the drivers who had reason to believe his actions did not contribute in any way to the crash was faced with contradicting testimony from another driver. Oct 02, 2019
Women 73% more likely to suffer Death or Serious Injury in a Car Crash A recent study of almost 23,000 crashes revealed that women have a much higher risk of fatal to serious injuries in a front-end collision. Automobile design and safety features are based on ‘male’ crash test dummies and this circumstance is credited with inequality in developments in vehicle safety. Aug 01, 2019
Car Driver found fully liable in Chatham Motorcycle Accident After a car driver cut off a motorcycle and caused the motorcyclist to suffer serious physical and cognitive injuries, the rider commenced a lawsuit to find the car driver liable for his losses. And, the Court ruled that the car driver was entirely at fault in causing the accident and fully liable for the motorcyclist’s injuries. Jul 02, 2019
Don’t overpay for Rental Car Insurance or assume too much Risk When renting a car in Canada or elsewhere, to ensure you don’t overpay for insurance but still have adequate protection in the event of an accident or vehicle damage, find out exactly what you’re covered for through your credit cards, own vehicle insurance company and the rental agency. Jun 01, 2019
Judge rules in favour of the Plaintiff in Chronic Pain Lawsuit After being awarded over $1.5 Million in accident benefits, a car accident victim suffering from chronic pain claimed damages in a civil suit. The trial judge rejected the defence's request to have the plaintiff examined by a doctor who wasn't a chronic pain expert. Mar 22, 2019
Distracted and Impaired Drivers now face tougher Laws in Ontario With the objective of preventing impaired driving and distracted driving accidents, tougher drunk driving laws were enacted on January 1st in Canada’s Criminal Code and on December 18th, Ontario enacted stiffer penalties for distracted driving. Jan 10, 2019
Claiming Personal Injury Damages for Whiplash Whiplash is an injury to muscles or ligaments in the neck and results from violent back and forth movement, often caused by rear-end collisions. If you suffer whiplash and have symptoms such as chronic pain, you can claim damages against the at fault driver for lost income, pain and suffering and other losses arising from your injury. Jan 03, 2019
Should Canadians be concerned that there will be more Drug Impaired Drivers on the Road? The legalization of marijuana on October 17th has led to concerns about increases in car accidents and injuries due to drug-impaired drivers. All drivers should be aware of changes to impaired-driving laws and understand whether it’s ever safe to drive after smoking pot. Nov 01, 2018
Which Insurer should pay my Motor Vehicle Accident Claim if there is more than one Insurer? Ontario’s Insurance Act requires insurers to “pay now, fight later” in situations when an injured claimant applies for vehicle accident benefits from an insurer who may not be the ‘priority insurer’ for their claim. Jun 01, 2018
Plaintiff not obligated to submit her private Facebook photos in Injury Lawsuit In a civil action arising from a car accident, an Ontario judge rejected the defendant’s motion requesting that the plaintiff produce her private Facebook photos as evidence. May 05, 2018
Insurer required to provide Coverage to Driver who forgot to renew her Licence In Kozel v. The Personal Insurance Company, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that insurance coverage can generally not be denied to someone driving with an expired licence. Dec 21, 2017
Lumbar Spine Injuries Motor vehicle accidents, falls and sports injuries are the most common causes of lumber spine injuries, and severity and recovery can differ greatly between persons who are injury. When accidents worsen pre-existing back injuries, victims may still be eligible for compensation. Nov 27, 2017
Texting while driving causes Fatal Motorcycle Accident A young driver admitted to texting while his car struck a motorcycle in Windsor, resulting in fatal injuries for the motorcyclist. An Ontario judge found the negligent driver guilty of criminal negligence and asserted that there must be serious consequences for drivers who take such risks. Oct 29, 2017
Ontario announces upcoming Changes for Distracted Driving Laws New Ontario Laws just announced to toughen penalties for distracted and careless driving, including using electronic devices while driving Sep 26, 2017
Facebook Posts increasingly used as Evidence in Personal Injury Claims In a 2017 trial, the defendant sought to introduce evidence from plaintiff’s deleted Facebook pages, but the judge ruled that the Facebook evidence must be excluded due to the defendant’s failure to disclose the Facebook posts before the trial. Sep 19, 2017
How an Injury may result in Somatic Symptom Disorder Somatic symptom disorder involves an excessive anxiety about one’s health and is often associated with other conditions such as chronic pain and psychological disorders that may result from a car accident or another source of injury. Sep 01, 2017
Sleep-deprived Drivers twice as likely to Crash Driver fatigue is a factor in about one out of five car accidents, and getting less than seven hours’ sleep doubles the risk of crashing. Aug 16, 2017
Rules for Parking Lot Accidents Parking lot accidents are generally not subject to Ontario traffic laws; however, drivers must adhere to collision reporting requirements. For example, incidents involving personal injury or combined damage over $2000 must be reported to police. Aug 02, 2017
Court awards Pain and Suffering Damages for Myofascial Pain In a recent trial, the B.C. Supreme Court awarded a young woman $65,000 in pain and suffering damages after she suffered myofascial pain resulting from a car accident, which substantially interfered with her abilities as a serious athlete. Jul 11, 2017
Terrible Mississauga Car Accident causes three Deaths and Injury for three Others A horrific two-car collision in Mississauga on Sunday June 25th resulted in the death of one of the drivers and two children, and serious injuries for two others. Jun 26, 2017
Airbags change the Occurrence of Injuries Airbags have been proven to reduce the incidence of death and serious injury, particularly when vehicle occupants are properly wearing seat belts. However, the occurrence of minor injuries, including concussions, has not been reduced by airbags. Jun 01, 2017
Multiple Car Accidents result in PTSD and aggravate Pre-existing Symptoms Serious car accidents and multiple collisions sometimes result in PTSD symptoms for traumatized accident victims. In a 2016 trial, the defendants in four separate car accidents were found liable for the plaintiff’s injuries, including PTSD, which aggravating the victim’s symptoms caused by multiple previous collisions. Apr 24, 2017
Municipality and Defendant Driver share liability for Christmas Day Accident A women sustained serious injuries when another driver lost control and crashed into her car on a slushy and snowy Newmarket road. In a civil action for damages, the judge found the municipality and defendant driver equally liable in her injuries; for failing to remedy the hazardous road conditions and driving too fast, respectively. Apr 17, 2017
Disputed Claim for continuing Income Replacement Benefits A claimant commenced a claim against State Farm after their insurer stopped paying Income Replacement Benefits, and the insurer filed a motion to dismiss this claim. However, the judge decided that the plaintiff’s entitlement to Income Replacement Benefits is a genuine issue for trial. Apr 07, 2017
Reducing Drunk Driving through the Ignition Interlock Program The ignition interlock system for drivers charged with alcohol-related offences has been shown to reduce the incidence of drunk driving accidents, as it helps to keep the public safe while enabling a driver to have the use of their vehicle. Mar 24, 2017
A Pre-existing Injury doesn’t preclude a Successful Claim for Damages A woman experienced three car accidents that successively worsened her medical condition. After being denied accident benefits for her second and third accidents on the basis that her injuries resulted from pre-existing conditions, she filed actions against the two insurers and was awarded damages in both cases. Mar 16, 2017
Road Rage on the rise? Several recent and alarming incidents of road rage highlight the need for all drivers to practice courtesy while driving, despite the stresses of heavy traffic. If you were injured in a road rage incident, find out whether you may be eligible for compensation. Mar 10, 2017
You may still be Impaired the Morning after an Evening of Heavy Drinking Many people drive in the morning after a night of heavy drinking in the mistaken belief that they are sober or legal to drive. In Tut v. RBC General Insurance Company, the insurer disputed an insurance claim when a young driver caused a collision while unknowingly impaired, the morning after a party involving drinking. Feb 27, 2017
How do the Courts decide on an Award for Pain and Suffering? Accident victims who suffered a serious and permanent injury may be eligible for damages for their pain and suffering. The amount of damages is based on case law as well as a variety of circumstances, including the plaintiff’s severity of injuries, age, and how their suffering impacts their quality of life. Feb 22, 2017
Truck Wheel detaches on Highway 400 and fatally injures SUV driver An SUV driver was killed when a truck wheel unfastened and struck his vehicle while travelling near Vaughan on Highway 400. Feb 13, 2017
Injured? Questions you may have for a Personal Injury Lawyer At Injury Lawyers of Ontario, we know you likely have many questions which you should expect to have answered in an initial consultation, after you were injured in an accident. Here are some of the most common questions our clients ask. Feb 01, 2017
Ontario Municipalities must meet Minimum Standards for Ice and Snow Removal In the interest of road safety, Ontario’s Municipal Act sets out minimum standards for winter road maintenance, which municipalities are obligated to meet. If a motor vehicle accident occurs in snowy or slippery conditions and the municipality failed to meet its standards, the municipality may be found liable for the accident. Jan 20, 2017
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