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Injury Risks for Canadians The leading preventable causes of injury and death for Canadians include falling, motor vehicle accidents, suicide and accidental poisoning. The main cause of injury varies between age groups, and adolescents have the highest risk of injury, typically during sports. May 08, 2022
Tragic Boating Accident on Lake Rosseau reminds us of Boating Risks Tragic Boating Accident on Lake Rosseau reminds us of Boating Risks Aug 01, 2021
Should Life Jackets be mandatory for Ontario Boaters? In the vast majority of recreational boating deaths in Canada, the accident victim was not wearing a life jacket. Many boating safety advocates assert that it’s not enough to require life jackets in boats and wearing life jackets should become mandatory. Jul 14, 2020
How to avoid Tobogganing Injuries Tobogganing is one of the more dangerous non-motorized winter activities, but you can significantly reduce the risk of injury by following safe practices. Feb 19, 2019
Are Trampolines Safe? The surge in trampoline parks has been accompanied by a dramatic increase trampoline-related injuries and critics suggest that trampoline venues are not doing enough to make these parks safe for users. Dec 02, 2018
Protecting Young Athletes from Concussion – Rowan’s Law is enacted The Government of Ontario finally passed Rowan’s Law which provides mandatory guidelines for managing concussions. Teachers and other educators, as well as coaches and sports leaders, must make themselves aware of, and adhere to these guidelines aimed at reducing brain injury among children and youth. Apr 01, 2018
Understand how a Liability Waiver may effect you if you are Injured An Ontario Court found that the liability waivers signed by a man injured in a rock climbing accident were enforceable and dismissed the plaintiff’s negligence claim against the rock climbing course organizers and Halton Region Conservation Authority. Feb 15, 2018
Lumbar Spine Injuries Motor vehicle accidents, falls and sports injuries are the most common causes of lumber spine injuries, and severity and recovery can differ greatly between persons who are injury. When accidents worsen pre-existing back injuries, victims may still be eligible for compensation. Nov 27, 2017
Be proactive in Preventing a Drowning Accident Drowning fatalities in Ontario tend to happen for the same reasons every year, such as failing to wear a PDF, alcohol consumption and not being adequately prepared. Knowing the dangers and risks can help us prevent tragic accidents. Jun 24, 2017
Cervical Spine Injuries in Athletes Cervical spine injuries are among the most severe spinal injuries and generally result in a substantial negative impact on the athlete’s ability to function and enjoyment in life. These injuries can be reduced through proper training, stricter rules in sports and better equipment; but are sometimes caused by another player's negligent action. Mar 28, 2017
Blue Mountain Resort found not liable in Skiing Injury A man was injured when he collided with reflector tape marking the closed entrance to a ski run while he was skiing in the late evening with friends. In a recent trial, the judge ruled in favour of the defendant, Blue Mountain, finding that they were not negligent in contributing to the accident and also, the liability waiver signed by the plaintiff would have absolved them of liability, in the circumstances of the incident. Mar 08, 2017
Judge finds Laser Tag Facility negligent in a Player’s Injury An injured man was compensated for injuries he sustained at a laser tag facility, after he fell through a hole built to allow participants to shoot at opposing players on the lower level. Feb 22, 2017
Children under 16 at risk on Snowmobiles Snowmobiling is the Canadian winter sport with the largest number of serious injuries and deaths. Respected organizations including the Canadian Paediatric Society recommend that children under 16 should not drive. Feb 07, 2017
A newly developed Concussion Test is good News for Accident Victims A blood test for concussion was newly developed at the University of Western Ontario and will identify concussions in accident victims such as athletes, with 90 per cent accuracy. Feb 05, 2017
Preventing Playground Accidents Safe playground design and construction, and proper supervision of children can often prevent playground injuries to children. Nov 06, 2016
Concussion Symptoms arising out of a Sports Injury Concussions suffered in sports must be taken seriously and immediately assessed to reduce risk of worsening symptoms. Learn about the possible signs of sport-related concussion. Sep 07, 2016
Ontario Wakeboarding Accident results in severe Injury Wakeboarding is a relatively new water sport and recently resulted in the loss of a limb for a 23 year old Ontario man. Aug 27, 2016
Toronto Cycling Accidents caused by Streetcar Tracks A recent university study reveals streetcar tracks are a factor in about one third of cycling accidents in Toronto, when a cyclist's wheel gets stuck in the tracks. Aug 24, 2016
Is your Pool safe? A property or home owner may be held responsible if someone drowns in their pool and they did not take reasonable measures to keep people safe or failed to adhere to applicable bylaws. Aug 15, 2016
Did unsafe Condition cause Trail Biking Accident? Owners or managers of recreational facilities, such as biking and hiking trails, can be held liable for injuries that result from a hazard or unsafe condition at the facility or park. Aug 09, 2016
Finding Negligence in Boating Accidents Understand the risks from unsafe boating practices, such as failing to wear a life preserver or drinking alcohol, both in terms of an increased likelihood of serious injury or death, as well as your liability if you are the boat owner or operator Aug 03, 2016
Taking steps to have a safe Boating Experience Boating is an enjoyable experience that many Canadians look forward to in the summer. Avoid boating accidents and injury through safe boating practices. Jun 15, 2016
Property Owners can be found Negligent in Drowning Accidents Homeowners, recreational facilities and other property owners have a duty of care to keep people safe on their property. This responsibility extends to pools and other bodies of water on or adjacent to a property. Jun 04, 2016
Cycling Accidents caused by Driver/Cyclist Error or Unsafe Conditions Most cycling accidents occur 'on-road' and are often caused by careless or negligent driver actions. The increasing popularity of off-road cycling means that the risk and number of these cycling accidents is also increasing, and sometimes unsafe conditions on private or public properties is the cause. May 15, 2016
Minimize risk of Personal Injury while Jet-skiing and Boating Water related activities like boating and riding jet skis are a lot of fun and safe when boaters are careful. However, there are potential risks if safe boating is not practiced. Learn about your legal right to compensation when negligent actions result in personal injury. May 07, 2016
Snowmobile Accidents are a Frequent Cause of Serious Injury Snowmobile collisions resulting in serious injury are on the rise in Ontario, which raises a concern as to what measures can be taken to reduce these largely preventable accidents. Mar 22, 2016
Skiing Accidents and Waivers: What You Need To Know Skiing is an active sport that involves some inherent risks. Due to these risks and the common occurrences of skiing accidents, ski resorts take protective measures in order to avoid liability for an accident involving injuries. Mar 10, 2016
Hockey Injuries sometimes Exceed the Normal Risks of the Game If you or your child was seriously injured in an organized sport such as hockey, the organizers, coaches, referees or arena may have been negligent in contributing to the injury. Some types of injuries are anticipated as part of ‘normal play’ in a game such as hockey, but some injuries occur because the responsible party allowed an unsafe circumstance that put players at risk. And when this happens, an injury claim can be made against the ‘at fault’ person(s). Feb 17, 2016
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  • Bodily Injuries - Accident victims may suffer a wide variety of physical and mental injuries that result in diminished mobility and pain.
  • CPP Disability Claims - Injured or disabled individuals who have paid into CPP are eligible to receive benefits.
  • Car Accidents - Car and truck accidents are the leading cause of personal injury in Ontario.
  • Cycling Accidents - Many Ontario communities offer very little infrastructure to keep cyclists safe and separate from other road users. This circumstance coupled with inattentive or reckless motorists too often results i
  • Distracted Driving Accidents - Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents and personal injury.
  • Dog Bites - Dog bites and attacks in Ontario generally result from irresponsible owner actions. Under the Dog Owners' Liability Act, dog owners can be held responsible for bites to other people or their pets.
  • Impaired Driving Accidents - Car accidents caused by an impaired driver.
  • Injury Compensation - Personal injury compensation may include damages for financial losses, loss of enjoyment in life, and punitive damages.
  • Long term Disability Benefits - Individuals who are unable to work due to injuries or illness may be entitled to claim long-term disability benefits.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits - Accident victims are eligible to make a claim for motor vehicle accident benefits under their vehicle insurance policy.
  • Motorcycle Accidents - Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to serious injury in the event of a motorcycle collision. When an accident is caused by a careless car or truck driver, an injured motorcyclist is eligib
  • Municipal Liability - Municipalities may be liable for injuries if an unsafe condition on a municipal property or caused by a municipal service/employee resulted in injury to the public.
  • Pedestrian Accidents - Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injury or death, and in many cases, are caused by motorists who are speeding or fail to monitor for pedestrians.
  • Premises Liability - Under Ontario's Occupiers' Liability Act, an owner, tenant or someone responsible for the activities on a property, may be liable if someone is injured on an unsafe condition on the property.
  • Recreational Accidents - Recreational accidents includes accidents resulting in injury while participating in organized sports, ATV and snowmobiling, water-related activities, and other recreational venues
  • Slip Trip and Fall Accidents - A slip and fall or trip and fall accident may result in serious injuries. If these injuries were caused by an unsafe condition on a premises, the property owner may be held liable for damages.
  • Spinal Cord Injury - Damage to the spinal cord causes spinal cord injury and the effects are generally reduced mobility and sensory functions, often with a devastating impact on the injured person's life.
  • Traumatic brain Injury - When a violent blow to the head causes a traumatic brain injury, there may be tissue damage, bleeding, bruising and other damage that can cause long-term effects or fatal injury.

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