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Long-term Disability Benefits are needed by increasingly more Canadians Many Ontario residents with disabilities rely on long-term disability benefits for their survival, and increasingly, people are seeking disability benefits for psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. Jul 28, 2016
Will Road Safety be affected by the Legalization of Marijuana? The Federal government proposes legalizing marijuana use in 2017, but an important unanswered question is whether this act will increase the incidence of car accidents due to driving while under the influence of marijuana. Jul 26, 2016
Keeping our Children safe from Injury in Car Accidents Practicing and teaching safe practices while driving and walking can effectively reduce the likelihood of injury to our children, although the negligence of other drivers continues to be a risk that often results in serious or fatal injuries to children and adults. Jul 21, 2016
How Traumatic Brain Injury can affect your Life Traumatic brain injury can have significant long term effects on an accident victim's life, with symptoms such as headaches, diminished cognitive abilities, personality changes or disability. Jul 19, 2016
Changes to Used Vehicle Safety Requirements effective July 1st! More rigorous standards for used vehicle inspections in Ontario became effective on July 1st, 2016, and will impact the cost of inspecting and selling your used vehicle. Jul 17, 2016
Roundabouts "Part 2": Traffic Rules confusing for Pedestrians The Ontario Ministry of Transportation gives motorists the right of way in roundabouts, but a driver may still be found liable in a pedestrian-vehicle collision. Jul 14, 2016
Roundabout Fender Benders are common while Drivers get used to these Intersections Many Ontario drivers are confused about the guidelines for driving in roundabouts newly constructed in many communities, and this uncertainty and inexperience increases the risk of fender benders. Jul 11, 2016
Commercial Truck Accidents result in High Fatality Rate for other Motorists Accidents involving heavy trucks result in a disproportionately high rate of severe or fatal injuries for smaller vehicle occupants. Understand the negligent actions that can cause these types of accidents. Jul 09, 2016
Does your Auto Insurance offer adequate Protection? As an Ontario driver or vehicle owner, this is a good time to review your insurance coverage to determine whether you have adequate protection against injury and damage, particularly in lieu of recent changes to Ontario automobile accident insurance. Jul 06, 2016
Pedestrians sometimes Contributorily Liable in Pedestrian-Motorist Collisions Because pedestrians are at high risk of injury in pedestrian-vehicle accidents, there is an onus on drivers to exercise caution, but pedestrians also have a responsibility to proceed with caution. Drivers may not be negligent for pedestrian injuries when the pedestrian's unanticipated behaviour was a factor in the accident. Jul 04, 2016
Does your Child's Day Care meet Ontario Safety Requirements? Following a report of numerous violations in safe care practices, particularly among unlicensed day care providers, the Government of Ontario implemented stricter guidelines for day care providers under the Child Care and Early Years Act. Jul 01, 2016
Understanding Product Liability in Canada The Canadian government and Health Canada have guidelines and regulations in place to protect Canadians from unsafe product. Despite these protections, people are sometimes injured by a dangerous product, and are entitled to claim compensation for their losses. Jun 26, 2016
Making a Wrongful Death Claim Insurance companies sometimes dispute legitimate wrongful death claims adding even more stress to the lives of devastated families. Jun 22, 2016
Playing it Safe while Motorcycle Riding Motorcycle riding is often described as exhilarating, but riders should understand the risks and dangers and how to avoid being a victim of a personal injury from a motorcycle accident. Jun 20, 2016
Chronic Pain Syndrome is a debilitating Condition that affects many Canadians Many Canadians suffer from chronic pain syndrome, a condition which often has a devastating impact on their lives, and for which it can be difficult to get effective treatment. Jun 17, 2016
Taking steps to have a safe Boating Experience Boating is an enjoyable experience that many Canadians look forward to in the summer. Avoid boating accidents and injury through safe boating practices. Jun 15, 2016
Shared Liability between Government Authority and 'At fault' Driver In cases where both a negligent driver and unsafe road condition were responsible for causing an accident victim's injuries, the 'at fault' driver and government authority may be deemed contributory negligent for damages. Jun 12, 2016
Young Drivers: Age can be a Factor in Personal Injury Cases Young adult drivers have a statistically higher risk of car accidents. Here we look at some of the common factors that contribute to this high incidence of accidents, as well as how an individual's age may affect their personal injury claims. Jun 10, 2016
Passenger Injury Claims Drivers who cause injury to their passengers through careless or negligent driving can be found liable for damages, as in the case of a passenger who was awarded over $18 million in 2009 after being catastrophically injured Jun 07, 2016
Property Owners can be found Negligent in Drowning Accidents Homeowners, recreational facilities and other property owners have a duty of care to keep people safe on their property. This responsibility extends to pools and other bodies of water on or adjacent to a property. Jun 04, 2016
Train accidents: potential for significant Injury Although train accidents are far less common than other collisions, they can cause catastrophic and devastating injuries due to the large number of people that are potentially impacted and the often hazardous materials being transported. Jun 03, 2016
Changes to Statutory Accident Benefits effective June 1st 2016 Effective on June 1st, 2016, there will be changes to the maximum statutory accident benefits allowable for injured accident victims in Ontario Jun 01, 2016
School Bus Safety and Seat Belts If children are required to wear a seat belt in a car, then why are they not required to be belted on Ontario school buses? May 29, 2016
Making an Injury Claim for Scars and Disfigurement Catastrophic injuries such as scarring and disfigurement have a lasting impact on an accident victim's life. Accordingly, accident victims are entitled to compensation for injury that was caused by a negligent party. May 27, 2016
What is a Tort Claim? If you are injured due to someone else's negligence, you can file a tort claim to seek compensation for damages. May 25, 2016
Liability if Pushing or Physical Contact causes Injury Physical altercations are more likely to occur during or after events involving drinking, but even a seemingly harmless push can lead to injury for which the ?at fault? person can be held liabl May 23, 2016
Social Host Liability for alcohol-related Accidents Social hosts and homeowners who host events that include the serving of alcohol need to be aware that they may be liable for injuries caused by intoxicated guests. May 20, 2016
Cycling Accidents caused by Driver/Cyclist Error or Unsafe Conditions Most cycling accidents occur 'on-road' and are often caused by careless or negligent driver actions. The increasing popularity of off-road cycling means that the risk and number of these cycling accidents is also increasing, and sometimes unsafe conditions on private or public properties is the cause. May 15, 2016
Soft-tissue Injury from Fender Bender results in Chronic Pain Minor accidents or fender benders sometimes result in serious neck and back injuries which may cause chronic pain and psychological symptoms for many years. May 13, 2016
What is a Summary Judgement? A plaintiff or defendant may bring a motion to have their case decided by Summary Judgement, which if successful, can avoid a more costly and lengthy trial. May 11, 2016
Food Poisoning and Consumer Rights Manufacturers,distributors and restaurants can be held liable if unsafe food handling or processing resulted in food poisoning and serious symptoms for a consumer. May 09, 2016
Minimize risk of Personal Injury while Jet-skiing and Boating Water related activities like boating and riding jet skis are a lot of fun and safe when boaters are careful. However, there are potential risks if safe boating is not practiced. Learn about your legal right to compensation when negligent actions result in personal injury. May 07, 2016
Proving a Motor Vehicle Injury Claim In a civil claim for compensation for injuries arising from a car accident, a plaintiff may need to prove the other driver was negligent in causing their injuries, and must also provide evidence of their financial and other losses resulting from their injuries. May 03, 2016
Public Safety and Liability for Dog Bites Dog owners are strictly liable for the injuries that their dogs cause to others, according to the Dog Owners' Liability Act. May 01, 2016
The Challenge of Claiming Long-Term Disability Benefits for Mental Illness There are challenges associated with making a long-term disability claim for mental illness as insurers sometimes dispute the severity of symptoms and impact on a person's ability to work. Apr 29, 2016
Changes to the Process for Resolving Accident Benefit Claim Disputes Effective April 1, 2016, the process available to claimants whose accident claim is disputed by their insurer is changing in Ontario. Apr 27, 2016
Recovering from Acquired Brain Injury Acquired brain injury occurs far more often than most Canadians realize. The recovery process can be long and is often challenging for the victim and their loved ones. Apr 25, 2016
How Multiple Car Accidents may complicate the Claims Process Personal injury claims involving multiple injuries from different events separated in time can make it more difficult to apportion fault and award compensation. Apr 20, 2016
Uninsured Drivers cost Ontario Millions Ontario insured drivers and car owners pay the cost of uninsured drivers, and can make claims against their own insurance policy when hit by an uninsured driver. Apr 18, 2016
Three-Wheeled Vehicles coming to Ontario Roads Three-wheeled vehicles are coming to Ontario roads via a 10 year pilot program beginning March 2016 that is focusing on safe integration of these new vehicles for all road users. Apr 16, 2016
Injured man awarded almost $1 Million in Undefended Trial An injured man was awarded almost $1 Million in an undefended case as a result of the defendants failure to file a Statement of Defence Apr 13, 2016
Proving Damages for an Unsafe Product Manufacturers and retailers can be found liable for injuries sustained by consumers after purchasing damaged products Apr 11, 2016
Ontario's Electric Vehicle Incentive Program: EVIP Ontario is introducing an Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP) to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Apr 09, 2016
Diagnosing Fibromyalgia after an Accident The symptoms of fibromyalgia, often experienced after a car accident, can have a serious long-term effect on the life of an injured person. Apr 06, 2016
Four Way Stops often a source of Accidents and Pedestrian Injuries Drivers who are inattentive, aggressive or unaware of the traffic rules are more likely to cause accidents and injury to pedestrians at four way stops. Apr 03, 2016
Resolving an Insurance Claim Dispute In Tut vs. RBC General Insurance Company, the courts ruled that RBC could not deny coverage to the plaintiff despite the fact that the accident involved a family member who was a novice driver with a concentration of alcohol in his system. Apr 01, 2016
How Social Media affects Personal Injury Claims Insurance companies are using social media as an investigative tool to obtain evidence against plaintiffs in court. Mar 31, 2016
Rollover Accidents and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV's) Rollover accidents usually result when a driver loses control, but SUV’s are more prone to rollovers due to their higher center of gravity. Mar 28, 2016
Whiplash: a Complicated Injury Whiplash injuries most often result from rear-end collisions, but can also be caused by sports accidents, physical assaults and other types of trauma. For some accident victims, whiplash injury symptoms such as neck pain and headaches can persist for many years. Mar 25, 2016
Snowmobile Accidents are a Frequent Cause of Serious Injury Snowmobile collisions resulting in serious injury are on the rise in Ontario, which raises a concern as to what measures can be taken to reduce these largely preventable accidents. Mar 22, 2016
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  • Bodily Injuries - Accident victims may suffer a wide variety of physical and mental injuries that result in diminished mobility and pain.
  • CPP Disability Claims - Injured or disabled individuals who have paid into CPP are eligible to receive benefits.
  • Car Accidents - Car and truck accidents are the leading cause of personal injury in Ontario.
  • Cycling Accidents - Many Ontario communities offer very little infrastructure to keep cyclists safe and separate from other road users. This circumstance coupled with inattentive or reckless motorists too often results i
  • Distracted Driving Accidents - Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents and personal injury.
  • Dog Bites - Dog bites and attacks in Ontario generally result from irresponsible owner actions. Under the Dog Owners' Liability Act, dog owners can be held responsible for bites to other people or their pets.
  • Impaired Driving Accidents - Car accidents caused by an impaired driver.
  • Injury Compensation - Personal injury compensation may include damages for financial losses, loss of enjoyment in life, and punitive damages.
  • Long term Disability Benefits - Individuals who are unable to work due to injuries or illness may be entitled to claim long-term disability benefits.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits - Accident victims are eligible to make a claim for motor vehicle accident benefits under their vehicle insurance policy.
  • Motorcycle Accidents - Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to serious injury in the event of a motorcycle collision. When an accident is caused by a careless car or truck driver, an injured motorcyclist is eligib
  • Municipal Liability - Municipalities may be liable for injuries if an unsafe condition on a municipal property or caused by a municipal service/employee resulted in injury to the public.
  • Pedestrian Accidents - Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injury or death, and in many cases, are caused by motorists who are speeding or fail to monitor for pedestrians.
  • Premises Liability - Under Ontario's Occupiers' Liability Act, an owner, tenant or someone responsible for the activities on a property, may be liable if someone is injured on an unsafe condition on the property.
  • Recreational Accidents - Recreational accidents includes accidents resulting in injury while participating in organized sports, ATV and snowmobiling, water-related activities, and other recreational venues
  • Slip Trip and Fall Accidents - A slip and fall or trip and fall accident may result in serious injuries. If these injuries were caused by an unsafe condition on a premises, the property owner may be held liable for damages.
  • Spinal Cord Injury - Damage to the spinal cord causes spinal cord injury and the effects are generally reduced mobility and sensory functions, often with a devastating impact on the injured person's life.
  • Traumatic brain Injury - When a violent blow to the head causes a traumatic brain injury, there may be tissue damage, bleeding, bruising and other damage that can cause long-term effects or fatal injury.

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